Frequently asked questions

My business is already successful, why should I sell on Amazon?

First of all, Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world. In the US, it accounts for more than 46% of all product searches. That's means, if you already have successful prouduct you shouldn´t miss the amazing opportunity to further expand your brand and accelerate sales. With Amazon consulting services, Vanua can create the whole infrastructure and build strong presence on international e-commerce markets.

How do I manage all the logistics if my warehouse is based in a different country?

You can manage all your inventory & shipments through Amazon or 3rd party warehouses. Our team is highly experienced in setting up the entire Amazon' supply chain strategy and unlocking marketplace premium options (prime shipment, 1 day delivery, higher ranking with FBA programs, returns management, etc.)

What are the costs and fees on Amazon? How do I calculate my gross margin?

Based on your product's parameters and features, we can estimate all associated costs (storage, handling, removal fee, etc.) and selling fees. Speak to one of our consultants to discover more details.

How do I know that my investment will be profitable?

Businesses that start selling in the online marketplace tend to have significant increase in sales. At the same time, you need to maintain reasonable level of ROI. We will help reduce expenses by intelligent marketing and advertising strategy.

How long does it take to build an Amazon infrastrucure and have my products available for sale?

It depends on your product features and targetted markets. For our customers, we build a tailor-made action plan and it takes from 2 up to 4 month until your product is available online for sales on average.

How do I know if my product could potentially sell on Amazon?

Before taking any action and launching your product on Amazon, we analize and assess your brand, and produce feasability report. Based on this assessment you can make an informed decision regarding your business expansion on Amazon.

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